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Your Body Is Amazing

Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash

A week and a half ago, my daughter got second degree burns on both her cheeks, her nose, and some of her forehead.

Today, they are mostly healed.

Our bodies are incredible.

Your body is incredible.

Just think. When you get sick, your body springs into action and fights the infection! And it overcomes it, every time. When you get a cut or an injury, your body starts the healing process and you heal, every time. Of course, you may have scars, but you were bleeding and your body stopped that from happening. The blood dried, the skin closed, and now there’s MAYBE a small mark where a gash used to be.

Our bodies take food and water and turn it into energy, motion, bodily functions, thought, and growth.

We can learn SO much from these amazing gifts.

When you get hurt mentally or emotionally, don’t make it mean things are permanently going to suck. Know that every thing can be figured out, and that nothing is constant. It won’t be like this forever, and you and your body are capable of adapting.

When things around you get challenging, spring into action. Trust that you will figure it out. Your brain is pretty incredible.

Don’t treat this one and only body you’ll get like trash. When you see it in the mirror, remember all the processes that are going on inside of it. Your heart is beating, pumping blood and oxygen and nutrients to every inch of your organs and skin. You breathe in and out without having to think. Feed your body fresh food and water. Fill it with deep breaths of air as you exercise—feel your heart rate climbing like the world’s most epic crescendo. Take up the space in your body; no matter what it looks like or feels like. Chances are, there is someone out there wishing they had a body like yours, whether it be because of illness, injury, or age.

Treat your body and your mind and yourself like you would a treasured friend.

Because your body is truly amazing. And it’s your home. Love it, treat it kindly and gently, respect it for what it is. Which is truly, undoubtedly, freaking AMAZING.

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