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Today’s post will be short and sweet, mostly because I’ve waited until the last minute and I have 5% battery on my phone and my husband is using my charger and my WiFi isn’t working.

But it teaches me to be more succinct, which is something I’m currently working on. Yasss.

When you’re shopping for a new article of clothing (or multiple ones), you gotta try stuff on. Some of it you will love, some you will hate. One  of the shirts will look amazing to you on the rack, but once you get it on, you don’t really feel it. You might see something that you don’t think you could ever pull off in a million years, but then you try it on and it fits just right and accentuates your curves just right.

Thoughts are the same.

When you’re trying to change your mindset from the way you’ve always thought to a new one, you gotta try on some new thoughts. Some won’t work for you. Your brain won’t find them believable. So you’ll try on different ones, and different ones again, and maybe those will fit just right. And pretty soon, your brain will catch on and you’ll have a whole new mindset/wardrobe. 🙂

I love helping people find new thoughts to try on? Which ones do you think will get you to your goals?

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