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Practice Rounds

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As I was making some food today, I had a thought I wanted to share with you.

You know how when you’re married to a person and they say they’re going to do things but they don’t do them?  Or even just how we do this to ourselves?  We get really excited about changing something about ourselves and maybe stick with it for a few weeks but then we don’t follow through?

What if all those past efforts were just the practice rounds?

Like when a baby is learning to walk and they fall down a bunch.  I know you’ve probably heard this analogy before, but stick with me.

But the difference between a baby and us (or someone you love) is that the baby doesn’t have a bunch of thoughts like, “I’ll never get this.  I might as well stop trying.”  And the parents certainly don’t think thoughts like, “My baby will NEVER learn to walk.  She always gets so excited about it, but she never actually does it.”  That’s it.  The baby is biologically driven to just keep trying (they haven’t learned to give up yet).  And the parents encourage and celebrate EVERY effort, no matter how small.

So what if we chose thoughts like that surrounding our goals?

Every time we “failed”, it wouldn’t mean that everything was over.  It would just mean we had to get back up and try again.

Every time our spouse talked our ear off about how they were going to go out and do something for REAL this time, and then they didn’t, it wouldn’t mean they’re never going to change.  It would just mean that they hadn’t succeeded YET.  Don’t misunderstand me, I do NOT think you should stay in an abusive relationship and wait for the other person to change.  But for the average, every day things that cause us to stop believing in our partners and maybe even start criticizing them over, it’s not serving us or them to think that way.

Believe in you.  Believe in others.  Try to see that mistakes and setbacks are just that.

They don’t mean that you’re just not good at this.

They don’t mean that you should just give up.

Every effort counts.  It’s all going towards the day when you’ll reach that goal.

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