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Keeping Commitments

IMG_9235For a long time I thought I just didn’t have any willpower, or that I couldn’t follow through with things. Now I am learning that I just haven’t had a good relationship with myself. I haven’t been keeping commitments to myself, or even making them at all. I just kind of randomly think, “Okay, THIS week. I’ll work out and eat right every day this week.”

But I haven’t been writing it down, and I haven’t made it specific. Most of all, I’ve been blowing myself off, not showing up for myself, and breaking commitments to myself left and right. I didn’t like being around myself, due to the fact that I constantly berated myself for what I wasn’t doing.

Think about your relationship with yourself like a friend or employer. If a friend constantly pointed out all your weaknesses, verbally abused you, didn’t follow through when they said they would, or completely ignored you when you were together, it wouldn’t take long before you would stop hanging out with that friend.

But when it comes to how we treat ourselves, this kind of behavior seems like business as usual. So we stop paying attention to ourselves and showing up for ourselves, because we can’t stand the abuse.

Im learning to stop treating myself like crap, and to be kinder to myself, and I’m finding that I show up a lot better when I do.

Imagine that. πŸ™‚

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