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My Favorite Thought Right Now

Photo by Fernando Pereira on Unsplash

You wanna know what my favorite thought is right now?

It’s this: “Don’t do it to prove them wrong, do it to prove yourself right.”

I know I’m not the only one who has that internal voice that wonders if you can do it or not.

The one that sometimes gets really pumped and believes that nothing is impossible.

I wanna prove that part of me right.

I don’t want to do things just to prove other people wrong. Sure, it can be fun, but I’d much rather pour my energy into proving the most important person right: myself. Other people’s opinions of me are out of my control. Even if I meet all my goals there may still be some people who look down on me or don’t believe I’ll ever go anywhere.

So here’s to proving myself right.

Because my opinion of myself is the only one I can control anyway.

Good night, lovelies.

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