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Choose Your Beliefs On Purpose

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You get to choose what you are gonna believe. You do, you do, you do.

I know some of you right now are saying, “Yeah, but there’s universal truth that can’t be altered. So you can choose not to believe in it but you can’t choose the consequences.” I am not qualified to speak on what qualifies as universal truth. The message I want to give you today is to choose what you are going to believe on purpose. So I don’t care if you’ve been in the same religion or belief system for 50 years, you should take some time and effort to question your beliefs.

The purpose behind this is to really examine what you’re believing and ask yourself if it’s serving you or not. You might examine a belief that you’ve held for years without questioning and find that it’s causing you to show up in ways that don’t align with who you want to be as a person and how you want to show up in this world. And by getting curious about it, you can probably find a way to honor the heart of the original belief without compromising your integrity.

Let me clarify with an example: let’s say you’ve always believed that losing weight is extremely hard. Really think about that. If you’re really wanting to lose weight, is this thought serving you? No. It causes you to feel overwhelmed, stay stuck, and not stick with losing weight. Because eventually you’ll go back to that belief, “This is just too hard.” By choosing a new thought, you can change your results (not overnight, it takes time). You could maybe try a thought like, “It’s not the process of losing weight that’s hard, it’s the EMOTIONS that come up for me whenever I don’t give into cravings for junk food that’s hard. And I can handle feeling emotions.” See how this thought isn’t jumping to “Losing weight is easy and fun”, but it’s giving you a thought that causes you to feel more determined than overwhelmed? And you’re still acknowledging that the process of losing weight is a challenge, but you’re being clear about what’s hard about it. You’re WAY more likely to stick with your goal when you have a mindset like that than if you go into it believing “losing weight is SO HARD.”

And it starts with questioning and getting curious about your closely-held belief. Even a thought like “I wonder if I’m wrong about losing weight being too hard” is better than a thought you keep believing but has never served you. Keep an open mind, and you’ll start to use your creativity to come up with solutions. You’ll also notice that you start to feel much better and more positive. (You won’t always feel positive though, I want to STRESS that. And you’ll have to keep actively choosing new thoughts and working at it.)  I just want to challenge you to pick new thoughts that, when you believe them, cause you to become more of the person you want to become.

What beliefs have you been holding onto that no longer serve you? What long-held ideas will you question this week?

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